March 2018 Printable Calendar Templates

In both the Julian and Gregorian calendars,  March comes as the third month of the year. There are a total of 7 months that have a total of 31 days in a month and March is the second month to have 31 days. The actual beginning of spring season begins from the first day of March in the northern hemisphere.

March Calendar 2018

March Calendar 2018, March 2018 Printable Calendar
There occurs a March equinox that occurs on the 20th or the 21st and marks the beginning of spring season in Northern hemisphere while there is starting of the autumn season in the Southern Hemisphere.

March 2018 Calendar Template

March 2018 Calendar Template, March 2018 Printable Calendar
March got its name from the Latin word Latin Martius which is the Roman calendars first month. It was named as Mars in the honour of the Roma God of war , who was the guardian of agriculture and through his sons Romulus and Remus he was the ancestor of the Roman people.

March 2018 Calendar with Holidays

March 2018 Calendar with Holidays, March holidays 2018
The beginning of the season for farmers to do the farming and also for soldiers to do warfare was in the month of March or Martius. The festivals that are held in March in the honor of the Roman war of god is done at the starting and also in the month of October when the season ends. As late as 153 BC the month of Martius was always the first month in the Roman calendar. Even after some years, the mosaics of Rome still always used to keep March as the first month.

March 2018 Printable Calendar

March 2018 Printable Calendar, MARCH 2018 CALENDAR PRINTABLE
Russia began the numbering of years which lasted till the 15th century and it began from March 1. Until 1752 Great Britain with its colonies continued to use March 25 as their date but from the year 1753 they adopted the Gregorian calendar. There are many religions and cultures that celebrate the New Year during month of March.

March 2018 Blank Calendar

March 2018 Blank Calendar, March 2018 Calendar
In the Northern Hemisphere particularly in North America, Europe, Asia and parts of Africa, for the spring season to start March is the first month and also March is the first month of autumn in the southern hemisphere.

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